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Scientific Results of Academic Nation Branding Surveys
For Reputation And Welfare of Countries, Regions And Cities.

Scientific Research Results Concerning Nation Branding

Through various projects the Research Center Nation Branding has analyzed several countries and has developed individual solutions for the improvement of brands related to nations, countries, regions and cities. The national flags represent an excerpt of our recent scientific projects.

Some of our exemplary projects include:

  • Nation Branding of France, Argentinia, South Africa, Germany, Ukraine, Hong Kong, India, Dubai and China. These projects were based on different priority aspects including: the relevance of the automotive industries, construction and real estate-, sports-, tourism-, pharmaceutical-, aviation- and shipping sectors.
  • Research and further development of the following fields of Nation Branding: Organizational requirements, concepts, analysis of the applicability of theories.

The Research Center Nation Branding at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, continuously carries out scietific projects and analysis related to country branding, region branding and city branding. Therefore, we are not only able to publish new research findings but also to enlarge our expertise within the fields of Nation Branding frequently.

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