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The Wiesbaden Nation Brand Equity Model And Index
For Reputation And Welfare of Countries, Regions And Cities.

Methodology of The Research Center Nation Branding

Nation Branding is an interdisciplinary and scientific field of research. Stakeholders of all thinkable fields have direct or indirect interests in Nation Branding and play an important role on the image of your nation, your region or your city:

Based on a large number of brand value studies we have developed the “Wiesbaden Nation Brand Equity Model” in 2008. The Wiesbaden Nation Brand Equity Model consists of four steps:

The Wiesbaden Nation Branding Model considers the interdependence between driving factors and profit factors. Based on the Funnel System we can identify weak spots in marketing and identify possible measures in order to remove said weak spots. Analyzing this data leads to the calculation of the Wiesbaden Nation Brand Index which will rank your brand in comparison to other nations, regions and cities.

The University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden, is the only academic institution in Germany that has developed an independent scientific methodology in the field of Nation Branding. It has since been possible to use our methodology in several projects and studies.

It would be a pleasure to outline details in a personal conversation with you. Our methodology can be adapted to your needs and thus provide customized solutions!

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Research Center Nation Branding

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