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For Reputation And Welfare of Countries, Regions And Cities.

Nation Branding Develops Your Nation Brand, Region Brand or City Brand

We would like to help you develop your potentials and provide you with a number of services ranging from the determination of value to the development and implementation of concepts concerning the brand of your nation, region or city.

Nations, regions and cities are in constant competition with each other to strengthen their reputation. In an increasingly globalized world the competition in exports, foreign investments, recruiting qualified and talented employees, tourism and business travel toughens. Succeeding against said competition largely depends on reputation and image.

The way in which one views itself (identity) ordinarily differs from the way others view it. This subjectivity marks the starting point of Nation Branding. Based on a special analysis technique, discrepancies between perception and identity can be localized and fixed.

Our methods realize goal orientated measures to strengthen your brand’s prominence and popularity. The strategies we recommend will position your country, region or city more attractively and improve its reputation nationally and internationally.

The Reasearch Center Nation Branding, Wiesbaden, provides support in development of your Nation Brand, Country Brand, Region Brand or City Brand..

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Research Center Nation Branding

Hochschule RheinMain
University of Applied Sciences
Bleichstrasse 44
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany