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Our Core Competency Is Nation Branding
For Reputation And Welfare of Countries, Regions And Cities.

Core Competences of The Research Center Nation Branding

Our core competencies in Nation Branding extend to all of our ranges of services. At the same time, our know-how and expertise merge scientific approaches with practical, experienced data:

Our unique methodology is located in the center. It contains the benefits of the Wiesbaden Nation Brand Equity Model and Index. It particularly includes the procedures concerning the determination of personal and impersonal perception in the mentioned six sectors and the subsequent possibility of indexing and ranking.

We combine scientific marketing knowledge with practical, international experience within the field of Nation Branding. Our scientific expertise is reflected in our qualitative and quantitative market research. It is additionally reflected in the appliance and further development of the internationally accepted “Method of the Funnel System”.

The application of our academic methodology guarantees optimal effectiveness. This contains the identification of weak spots in the Funnel System and showing you important adjustments in order to operate correctly. Recommended adjustments are based on scientific facts.

Our assistance will help you operate with high efficiency. Following the determination of weak spots and the recommendation of measures, our customers can use their available budget in a target orientated manner and have the possibility to constantly examine the impact of the taken measures.

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Research Center Nation Branding

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